From the Outside In: My Head

This is the one I call Toes Cat....well, because in the summer when I have on sandals or flips, he licks my toes!  He's a neighbor's cat who is so gentle, so well-fed and groomed and he loves to come for a visit.  He got caught in the rain this morning so stuck around awhile to figure out what might be going my head!

What was I thinking this morning when I responded to my sister's email question about what was going on with us.   I gave her the usual 'nothing much' then decided that truthfully, there was a lot going on (in my head).  I've been desperately trying to loose a pound without having to manage my calorie intake or having to exercise.  So, here's my method:

  • First rule is to do your #1 before weighing in.
  • Second, goes without saying, don't weigh before doing your #2.
  • It's okay to shower while waiting on #2, but don't weigh with your hair wet.  If you've ever picked up a bucket of water, you know how much water can weigh.
  • It's a wise choice to leave off deodorant.
  • And by all means, skip the hand and body lotion, and very definitely body powder! 
  • Step on and off the scales very quickly....when the numbers change, they almost always go higher.
One day last week, when I caught the scales in a favorable mood, I weighed slightly less and in all my nakedness, feeling pretty sassy, skipped down the hall to ask HuMAn if my outfit made me look fat.
  • I won't make that mistake again!  Didn't get a thing done the rest of the morning.  TeeHee ~
  • Pull your blinds before you weigh.
Hoping for you a joyous weekend. 




  1. Some wonderful advice, but now I need the best way to remove the coffee from the keyborad!

    (Obviously the coffee hasn't killed the keyboard, so I guess that is a plus!)

  2. Marty, Marty... how entertaining you are today!! I might add to ALWAYS weigh BEFORE you start drinking your morning coffee... coffee weighs as much as water, and 2 cups = 1 pound!

  3. So funny! I've tried some of those myself! ;)

  4. Marty, I've been watching what I eat since last summer with the intention of eating less and dropping a NUMBER of pounds. I weigh myself probably seventeen times a day. No, that's not how I lost weight but it does take time, time I'm not hanging at the open refrig door.
    I do know that morning is best time for me to weigh and fancystitching is right! ! ! ! ANY thing we drink weighs, and you're right on the money with the pre-weigh in routine.

    Happy to say I've lost twenty percent of my total body weight in this past year. Sounds like a lot but honestly to me that thirty pounds makes a wonderful difference to me. Mentally, yes, but it does mean I am a might healthier.

    Thanks for the great chuckle - I'll be reciting your guidelines every time I step on my scale.



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