Black and White and Oh, So Bright!

Yes, the stars are out and they are black and white and oh, so bright!  That's the name of the first quilt guild activity 2015 and my stars are out least they are on the design wall and are being auditioned with some fun oh, so bright fabric scraps. 

Here's my latest addition:  A 12" square  fifty-four forty or fight quilt block surrounded by Malka Dubrawsky's whimsical orange and yellows.   

More Malka fabric surrounding a couple of 6" blocks with a little piece of Jay McCarroll's Center City at the bottom for the perfect compliment.   

Oh, No!  A horse with no name!  Sadly, my piece of fabric had no designer name on the selvage.  But not to be outdone, the back packs of these black and white horses with no name adds just the right touch of whimsy and brightness. 

and the stars keep growing and getting brighter

and growing. 
 I think at the finish line my Black and White and Oh, So Bright quilt will measure about 50" x 60"   



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