It was an out and about day ~

LOL:  Living Out Life   

It was one of those great gad about days, with no particular place to go and no place to be at any particular time.  And, I wasn't even driving.  Since she seemed to know just what was expected of her, I just sat back and relaxed and when she stopped, I got out of the car and only got back in when all our purchases were paid for.  

We stopped to enjoy a leisurely lunch break and had a nice visit in the beautiful home of a very talented artist friend.   But other than that, we hit every thrift shop within our 40 mile driving radius. 

Not only did I find over-sized linen shirts, but also tee shirts to cut up and enjoy in my latest creating binge to put tee-shirts into quilts.  No, I'm not making any more tee shirt quilts:  just putting tee shirts into my quilts   Listen, if the fantastic modern quilter, Luke Haynes can do it, then so can I.    I spent (more or less) $20 and came away with a very happy day.

Thrift store finds:  linen shirts

Now that all my duds have been laundered, I've begun to cut.  Wow, am I evermore impressed with the quantity of fabric from one large linen man's shirt.  I couldn't resist laying out the cuts side to side and measured 28" x 50".....and that's  not even including the smaller pieces cut from the sleeves, collar and back yoke. 

Only a few linen scraps remained ~

The tee shirts are beauties and  have a nice range in color from vibrant green to subtle grays and browns and with graphic images that sizzle  to very low volume words and numbers.....all ready to cut and incorporate into quilts.

thrift store tee shirts for modern quilts

thrift store tee shirts for modern quilts

thrift store tee shirts for modern quilts

Yes, I have a happy face today with all those buttons I cut off my thrift store shirts. 


  1. I am happy about your out and about day. I've considered using the letters from tees to make words on my quilts, but I'm seriously afraid it will end up looking like a ransom note. I don't know, maybe it would be fun to try...and if someone pays a ransom for the quilt, I could let that person have it.

    1. With your imagination, Mary, I know you could get one incorporated beautifully into one of your quilts. Oh, and the thrift store price is just right for me to play. Much cheaper than new yardage and just as much fun to do the feely-touchy thing that we do.


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