I get the most pleasure

out of wondering about what's yet to come: 

I had another birthday on March 17 and today I received a very special birthday card.  You see, she mailed it on March 13.....in plenty of time.  But once the post office got their hands on it - they sent it back to her!  How confusing! 

So, with another envelope and more stamps and a little help,  here's the happy envelope I received today. 

 and inside was the original envelope.  I see a Too and a From and a stamp all in the right places.   What's the deal?   I thought the post office could deliver with an address and zip!  And that seems to be  there.  Well, maybe the street address has been edited a bit and a last name penciled in by unknown adult. 

 Anyway, I received the best hand made, one-of-a-kind (no doubt about that) original birthday card in the mail today, April 1, and that's no fooling. 

front cover of Finley's birthday card to her Ant Mart

Inside:  Finley's birthday message.  Love it !
Yes, Finley, it was a grate birthday.  Thank you for your love. 

Oh, and the artist and card maker is 7 years old.  



  1. Finley could well grow up and teach some posties how to do their job!

  2. I agree...don't you just love her creative spirit. And to think she addressed the envelope herself. I just love that kid.

  3. Oh, she's a smart one: mail it out in time for your birthday but prepare for the worst and have an April Fool joke inserted, just in case. I think Plan B worked especially well for Finley and now you have a sweet story to share with.....the world! Have a great Easter!

  4. Yes, Mary, a smart one and a smarty pants too. Some kids just have it all.


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