Earth Day wish ~

When sunflowers are young, they keep their heads turned toward the sun to gain strength and energy.   As each new day emerges, they too emerge with new-found strength, ready for what the day beholds, facing toward the sun, never looking for shadows to hide behind. 

Sunflowers are made up of thousands of tiny florets: 
Each one, if planted will also become a sunflower. 

Follow the sun....don't look for nor hide behind the shadows

Earth Day 2015  ~    My wish is that I  grab hold of each  ray of sunshine and never hide behind a shadow from yesterday. 

If I were a sunflower, my wish would be that each tiny floret within me would be a smile and that each smile would be filled with thousands of tiny florets....Just imagine the sheer joy of it all

being a sunflower
sharing one's life with a smile




  1. How philosophical and honest at the core, Marty. If humans could live their lives like sunflowers, the world would be a better place. I guess the only way to know is to live life the best we can and pray that others do as well. At the very least, we leave a legacy of good and perhaps help to improve the lives of a few people.

    1. Yes, Mary....I human goal for which I strive as I smile with the sunflowers today.


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