Face: Lifting

Oh, No, not for myself....even though  I'll be the first to say that a face lift  would be an improvement. But, who wants to up lift ones' face and then have the remainder of her body show the years of wear and tear?  Not I. 

Money can only buy back so many delusions that youth is eternal. 

When I see acquaintances on the street and think "Don't I know you from somewhere?   You resemble someone I once knew,  but your eyes are not the same....they are too high on your head and they bug out just a bit too far.  And your lips have an unnatural puff....do they hurt?  And your skin is so stretched that it shines.  No amount of  powder could remove the sheen.  And where did your smile go?  And why can't you open your mouth?   No, I'm mistaken.  I don't know you after all."    

Crescent Hotel, Eureka Springs, Arkansas


Where did all this come from????

  What prompted this rant was a visit through pictures of a grand and majestic lady, The Crescent Hotel in Eureka Spring, Arkansas, who is undergoing a face lift.  After all, she is getting on up there in years....but where does her change of fa├žade stop?

Don't we want to continue to see a few character lines?   After all, a complete redo would be a tragic loss to all who have visited her through the years. 

When her time is over and she's put on the national register, wouldn't we want the true and steadfast Crescent Hotel posturing and preening and posing for our camera. 

I like to think that perhaps she's just out for a spa day,

Crescent Hotel, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

having a facial scrub

Crescent Hotel, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

a manicure, a pedicure: 

Crescent Hotel, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

and then it's back home again continuing to be the beauty that she is. 

Crescent Hotel, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

And so goes my day, enjoying a makeover, but not too much:  I'm out of my pj's, now ready to move from the computer to the sewing machine.  



  1. Oh, I agree completely with you. A little spa day would be wonderful, but a face lift in an attempt to change everything....no way! The lines and wrinkles and splotches are part of my history. I'll try to heal any serious issues (especially life threatening ones) but change how I look for the sake of looking younger.....well, that's too much like trying to erase history. My scars are proof that I survived. Kids, marriage, illness, parental loss, etc. that's what made me the stronger woman I am. I don't want to erase those years so that I can revel in the good, remember the lessons, and mourn the losses.

    I do love when an old building gets a spa day! If necessary, cart 'em into ER, but save as many as possible! Let's not erase our history.

    1. Mary, you said that beautifully. I should have labeled this blog post "the lines and wrinkles and splotches are part of my history."


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