Another World........

I woke up in another world this (almost) normal world. I slept most of the night, felt very refreshed this morning, at peace. Yep, you guessed it! I think I can publish my website today. Need to get just a few more things done, but, weather permitting, I can get quilts pictured, described, etc. then it goes live.

I must admit, it has been a struggle learning how to maneuver in, out, under and on top of this computer. But I saw a commercial this morning... I don't know what they were advertising. There are too many new technologies out there that are totally over my head...I just remember that it's about "don't let a good idea get away. " The fellow in the commercial is sitting at his desk, talking on the phone, when one of his yellow post-it notes starts crawling across the wall, headed for the window.

That's what prompted me to slow down and muse a bit. After these past three weeks of setting up a website, I think I can now do computer animation. I really think I can make a post-it note head for the nearest window. That's the idea that I can't let get away....except that I still haven't learned how to use those things they call gullimets or is it guttemets (spellcheck couldn't find either word, imagine that), but you know the little gadgets << >> to indicate previous and next.

Life would be simple if we could <<>>.

See ya soon,



  1. Good morning, Marty! I can't wait to see your website up and running, and perhaps post-its crawling across the screen.

    Glad your great efforts have paid off... I knew you were busy. I so admire your spunk to learn all of this and make the great effort to do your own site!

  2. Well, the windy day didn't allow much large quilt picture taking. I did get several put on the site...perhaps if I can get a couple more....Tomorrow is P-Day.
    That's "P" as in publish. (Lord willing, of course). Thanks for your encouragement. A blog follower means a lot.


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