Breath of Air

I came up for air three times yesterday - for breakfast.....lunch..........dinner!!

My breakfast menu easy: One banana with a teaspoon of reduced fat peanut butter smeared on. Scorff down with one cup fat free milk.

Lunch: I make my own humus and spread on Saltines. Dearest says it tastes like dirt. Perhaps it is an acquired taste, but I like it. Simply take a can of Garbonzo beans (chick peas), drain. Blender the beans, teaspoon of chopped garlic, shake of kosher salt, squeeze of lemon or lime, touch of olive, canola, or veggie oil. And lunch is ready!!

Dinner: I actually did get into the little used kitchen (these days) and prepared a real meal. Dearest does a lot of outside grilling, but when it's cold outside, I give him a break and fire up the oven.

I took chicken breasts, cut into half if they are large. On stove top in my large black skillet (the one I make cornbread in for my Thanksgiving Day dressing) I added and heated a small amount of oil. Salt, pepper and flour the chicken and lightly sear in the oil. Turn off heat and add one can cream of chicken soup and a couple cups of warm water. Put into 350* oven for about an hour. Don't let the soup dry out. If needed, add a little more water so you'll have a gravy. I like mine thick. Serve over rice.

Try it. It's quite tasty and very easy. Same recipe with pork chops instead of chicken is equally as tasty.

Oh yes, I opened a can of green beans.

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