I get up early.....'cause

I get up early 'cause yellow cat is usually waiting for his first nibble of the morning. I prefer he eat cat food rather than the little winged tweeters. Dearest loves to feed the birds and keep them in bath water. They think our little garden is their sanctuary....I call it a baited field! Oh yes, cat that usually runs away from me didn't run away this morning. I even got to rub his or her chin. Perhaps he/she will tell me his/her gender on another day.

I also get up early to get my hands on the camera. Every time he sees me with the camera, he grabs it. It's a gadget, it's a man thing. Granted, he takes better pictures than I, but I need the practice. And it saves me a lot of explanation when he's not watching me take pictures of things he doesn't understand. For instance, if he saw me taking this many pictures of my newest calendar, the dialog might go something like this....

he..."What are you going to do with those??"
me ...."I think I'll blog about the calendar."
he...."you need that many for your blog???"
me...."yes, I have several things to say today."
he...."about a calendar?"
he... "How much can you say about a calendar?"
me..."obviously, more than you can!!"

My first calendar featured my "Pretty Ladies in Smart Hats" fabric art cards. I had several printed and gave them as Christmas gifts to special family and friends. The reactions were so favorable, I decided to put together another calendar using more of my art cards. Each month's facing sheet spotlights a different card. I'll catch you up today.....Calendar cover features "My Home, My Heart" Oh yes, I just recently discovered that clicking on each picture enlarges it. Was I the last to know?

January's new year's resolution, "Thou Shall Not Whine..."

February, of course, it's a heart me month....using "Be Mine"

Then, there's March....Oh, the luck of the Irish....some pairs, (oops) pears have all the luck!

So, what got me thinking about the calendar this morning? Many birthdays in March. Grandson, Cody, was born in March, as was special friend, Sandra. Great nephew, Kale, and also great, great nephew, Mikiel, were also born in this the third month of the year. Boy, am I aging myself..or did they all start very, very young. I like to think it's the latter. Anyway, speaking of aging, March is also the month of my birth. I'm a St. Patrick's Day child.

Daylight savings time begins March 8 AND happy day, spring begins March 20. Just thinking of spring puts a lilt in my voice and an extra tap in my toes. Enjoy the moment you're in...



  1. Great calendar idea! Love how you use color and b & w photos of your art too. That pear looks like it is by a slice of pie! ;-)

  2. You know, Lynn, I had not looked at that picture that way, but I think you are right. Funny how we all have a different perspective. Kinda nice to be able to step back and take another look from another's point of view.

  3. I'm up early today, and it's Saturday! But it is beginning to be light in the morning and my eyes opened by myself. One of the best things about getting up early is the solitude. I think you know that.

    Calendars are fun. I should try to make one.

  4. Damn... I meant to say my eyes opened by themselves...


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