Finished Red Quilt Top

Was wonderful having time on my hands today. Took advice of friend blogger Annie and pieced the back of the quilt to make it fit. You know the old story, the back was too small but it's what I had. I actually like it even better having the vertical row of blocks down the middle of the back. And it certainly beats cutting the quilt top down to fit. One more ready to be quilted.

I have mini-mondo grass out the kazoo. Could start a mondo grass nursery. As a matter of fact, I have thought of supplementing our income by selling some. In lieu of owing more taxes though, I just give it away when I can. So when JoAnn called today wanting some, I was grateful to her. Got me out into the garden on just a perfect day for digging and weeding. I rambled around in the weeds for about two wheelbarrow loads full. We still have a compost pile, so I shredded all the weeds to put some green in with the brown leaves from fall to help them compost more quickly. Didn't think you needed a view of the compost. So we'll move on to harassing the cat. This handsome guy was sleeping too soundly in his little loft chair out on the back patio.

He's saying in his mmmmeow voice, "okay, okay, my eyes are open....."

"This is the only smile you're gonna get, so get it done."

"Now......that's all! Fun's over. Get yourself a life and leave mine alone."


  1. Marty this quilt is quite lovely. I do love how you piece the squares...just off center enough to add extra interest and great colors and design touches as well.

  2. Thanks, Lynn. Much sewing, but fun way to use up lots of red fabric from past projects. Check out the quilts of "a quilt is nice" blogspot. When I discovered her blogspot, I really got hopping on making scrap quilts with lots of white. And placement of blocks really didn't seem to bother her, so I didn't let it bother me.


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