It's a good motto to live by but don't beat it to death....

"Help yourself before you ask others for help" is a good motto to live by. Most of the time though, I just work myself to death trying to help myself when the simpler solution would be to ask others to help me first.

Prime example - spell check was built into this system so I wouldn't have to go back to school to learn to spell all over again. But oh no, I think I can spell why waste my time. I hope you don't know how many times I go into edit mode (after I've published my blog) to correct a spelling error. When I read in the published blog, some words just look funny so I spell check them and sure enough, they are spelled incorrectly....well maybe not spelled - but typed - incorrectly. Is there a difference?

I have the Merriam-Webster online dictionary set up in my favorites column right here on the left...I'm looking at it as I type. Yesterday's blog referred to Mom's little dog (a Schitsu? No, Shihsu, or is it Shiatzu, well, maybe it Sh!! Sue. Why me???? Now keep in mind that I posted early yesterday morning. It's now Saturday afternoon and the dog's breed was still looking kinda funny. So, I went to Merriam and she (or he) said it is a dog from the East and it's a Shih Tzu. Now, how easy was that? So, if you're reading yesterdays blog for the first time, you have no clue that I'm a hopeless.

Just one more example, then I'll put this baby to bed for the day....My web site is ready to publish except for one little problem. I have worked for about six hours trying to fix it (the problem). After pulling out my last hair, I decided a call to the host site help center was in order. I told the customer service rep what the problem was and she said, "Oh, no problem...may I put you on hold." After many holds and an hour later, she determined that it was a problem she couldn't solve and it had to be turned over to engineering. She promised they would get back to me in 1 to 3 business days. Had I called two days ago, my site may be up and running now! Will I ever learn?

I'm so good, I'm not even going to spell check this musing. And don't you either. That would spoil all my fun of the cat and mouse I play with myself.

Here's hoping you do as I say do, not do as I do. That's a motto for another day.


PS- I've already found 5 funny looking things that I've corrected (if you're counting)


  1. OK, Marty... You MUST let me know how to hook spell-check to my blog. I must post, edit, repost, about 8 times per entry. And even after I think I have it all fixed DH can find about 2 more mistakes! So please let me know how to do this. TIA!

  2. Hi, Kat, well, when you are in there typing your blog, there is a little abc ditty right above where you are typing. Just hit that and spell check will begin. The word in question will be highlighted. You may ignore the prompt and move on to the next word. We use so much slang around here that it will show a lot of unheard of words but just ignore that. Hope this ramble helps. We'll talk later if we need to.

  3. Spelling is no laughing matter. I found your blog, enjoyed what I found and decided to add it to my blog roll. Took twenty minutes to realise the only thing wrong with my not working link was the spelling. When I went back to your profile I realised that you spell fibre fiber, and I spell fibre fibre because here we use the English spelling, and you have American.


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