Working With Wool

Once upon a time I decided I would learn to hook rugs...actually did get one made. And hopefully in this lifetime, I can find the time to pick that habit up again. But anyway, I had gone to the Goodwill store and found garments with 100% wool (hard to find these days) brought these iffy garments home and washed them now I felt better about putting my hands on them again. Next step was to salvage usable pieces/parts. Had a sizable bin of real wool on my hands that I decided to use. Had much fun yesterday making up these little pillows. Hopefully I'll get them posted in my Etsy shop today.

Yes , that's an old picture of family in the background. Back row...cousin Max, Dad, Mom, and Uncle Hurdel. Front row...Marty, Sandy, Jackie (two of my siblings). I love this picture. It's a reminder of from where I came which greatly influenced where I went and where I now am.

And speaking of Etsy check this out. Kudos to our friends...great job you three.


  1. Adorable pillows! I cannot resist a trip to Goodwill to enhance my stash either!

  2. Extra points for recycling. It's almost rummage sale season!


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