They Rained on my Parade

OK, here goes...Why are they raining on my parade?

I'm an A-type
No nonsense
Goal oriented
Focused type person.....never could play office politics. When I wake up, I get up.

So, why do I waltz around the vacuum cleaner rather than flip the "on" switch?
And why am I pussyfooting around my feelings about some of our local quilt guild policies?

My dander is up. That means I'm mad.

Bright eyed and bushy tailed...I awoke at my usual 5 a.m to open my emails and Oh Boy, there was our quilt guild newsletter. Always a good read. So, why this anger? The executive committee made an "executive decision" (tongue in cheek) that to publicly announce my blogspot name and how to get there would be advertising and I therefore would have to pay the guild money to "advertise" my blogspot. I disagreed then and I disagree now. To tell the group that I am a blogger is not advertising. Advertising what? That it's fun to communicate through a different channel?

Well, lo, I opened the email newsletter this morning and in my face was published the direct link to a fellow blogger. You know, what's fair is fair...and this clearly is not fair treatment. I have some decisions to make today. I feel that I am an asset to our guild. But perhaps I put too much value on my time and talent.


  1. Oh, I can understand your anger..... I'm quite angry on your behalf right now. Grr. I have never heard of such nonsenses.

  2. wow! this quilt is pure poetry...
    the choice of the fabric... and the colors.... fabulous!

    raining... and it rains differenly each time...

    your parade is so beautiful no rain can spoil it...


  3. Thanks for your generous compliment. It's friends such as you that keep us in sunshine rather than rain.

  4. Marty, I agree with you--what is done for one should be done for all!


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