Things I Must Get Done---NOW

My TO DO LIST is growing. Working on learning how to set up a web page has been very time consuming (as you have already guessed). Why am I the last one to hear? Well, and but, and yes, I am committed. Progress has been made. Now have a web host, a domain name, have chosen my home page template and gotten a slogan and the about me verbiage composed. Number of pages have been selected and named and folders set up for photos. That I could handle....Then, I started taking the pictures, editing. How can that little bitty picture taker be so uncooperative. Thank goodness, husband dear (on a good day) came to the rescue and worked with me yesterday afternoon.

I do have a web designer coming in this week, but really needed to get as much done by myself so the designer fee would not be astronomical. (Don't misunderstand, I think they are worth's just that I don't have it.) And hopefully if I learn how to scoot around my web pages, I can add good stuff later without additional designer fees. Sounds good on paper anyway!!

But, back to my things to do list...
1. Make birthday card for Judy's February 17 birthday
2. Make fabric art cards to take to The Biedenharn Gift Shop
3. Check with Karen about Thursday's quilt chapter program
4. Call web designer, Nancy Blackwell, to schedule meeting
5. Get over to Quilt 'N Stitch to get more yards of white fabric
6. While there, pick up quilt Susan quilted for me
7. Complete scrap quilt work-in-progress
8. Relax and get desperately needed spa pedicure

Gotta get going.....Hugs


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  1. I bought a domain name once. The tech dudes at work promised to help me make a website. Long story short, no web site. I just couldn't be bothered learning myself. Then came Etsy, which was a piece of cake. Now with a blog, which was also cake, I think I have everything I need. Looking forward to seeing yours.


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