I've taken recycling to a higher level.

My community - no not just my community - my city, my state, my part of the country - seems not to be concerned about trash and recycling. About ten years ago the city allowed a recycle company to come in with a large dumpster for our paper products disposal. That lasted about 6 months, then it just disappeared without explanation. So now even our paper has to go to the dump. Dearest and I pick up the trash dumped by the city when its trash and garbage trucks run each week. They are definitely sick of the trash in the trash truck, 'cause when it hits the streets, it's left there.

Oh, well, enough whining. I can't make it go away but I can do my part here at home. We had to replace our chipper/shredder last week. Our first one just bit the dust. I can reduce mounds and mounds of yard clippings down to a very small pile which composts beautifully in a matter of months. Great recycled nutrition for the garden beds.

About the same day the shredder died, so did my under-the-sink-kitchen compost bin. My first one lasted for about 15 years, so I guess I can truthfully say it served me well. Now have a new bin to reserve all my veggie peels to go outside to the compost pile.

I've been reading lately that our aquifer level is rising. I understand that this means as the fresh water table rises, salt water fills the space which will never allow that space to go back to fresh water. I know this is a very simplistic explanation but in my simplistic mind, this means that unless we do something to reduce the rising fresh water level, we WILL be using salt water in the not to distant future. Again, I want to do my part to help save our water, so I'm thinking...

I remember when visiting the San Francisco area back in the 1980's, they were experiencing a severe drought. I must admit that the first time I heard "If it's yellow, let it mellow..... If it's brown, flush it down" I was amused. But folks lived by that rule or got fined. So I've started practicing that discriminate method of disposing. Dearest immediately banned me from HIS toilet seat!!

So, I took recycling to another level this week. Here are my little booklets made from recycled saltine and cereal boxes. No, not my idea, but I wish I had thought of this.
The cardboard of one cracker box made 4 little booklets

And a cereal box was transformed into two booklets that measure 4" x 7". They are hummming a little tune - I'm too handy for my purse!

This is a free project, compliments of Two Creative Studios. Thanks, Sue Bleiweiss, for sharing this little project with me. So much fun. I chose to piece together strips of fabric from my piles of scraps to cover my little booklets.


  1. Thumbs UP! What you've done here is commendable - re-using that cardboard AND piecing together your 'scraps' into something useful AND attractive! I have a teeny tiny snarky self-satisfied smirk reading as I too hold onto cereal boxes, cookie boxes and such with the intent to later 'disguise' them as scrapbook/journal covers, photo frames and such and my 'Dearest Darlin' always wants to discard them. (can't tell you the number of times I've 'rescued' them from the garbage - oh, and toilet paper/paper towel and wrap tubes which become snow people caroling for Christmas complete with hand knitted scarves and caps! :) )

  2. Maarty - I'll see you Tuesday but here goes - we can recycle cardboard at O Parish libraries and schools. I drop mine off at Sterlington Library on my way down 165. As for plastics, Brookshire's accepts milk and water bottles and they have a special set-up. On 165 it's inside the store and there's a bin for bottles and one for plastic bags. I never saw it in writing but I think #1 & #2 are the recycleable plastics.
    I can't believe that Union Parish in ahead on something but we recycle newspapers and phone books at specific locations.
    Pat Seager

  3. Hi, Pat....thanks for all that recycle info. We are in and out of library all the time and I've never seen the recycle box. Must be more alert. And of course, good ole Walmart has a recycle bin for their bags.


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