Art Quilts Inspired by Amy Tan

Amy Tan is one of my favorite authors. I was first drawn into her books by the titles of her books. Intrigued by "The Bonesetter's Daughter" - what was this all about. Then there was "The Joy Luck Club" and "Saving Fish from Drowning".

So as I got more and more into making art quilts, and of course, each one must be named, these book titles came to mind. These quilts are not meant to be an interpretation of the storylines.....

These two art quilts are "Joy Luck Club 1" and "Joy Luck Club 2." They are meant to be hung side by side to get the full meaning of Joy.

Then this little journal quilt became "The Bonesetter's Daughter."

And, finally, "Saving Fish from Drowning". I found this title very fitting. These cats are very devilishly fishing in the aquarium. One has even pulled up the chair to make his/her dinner come easier. Upon close inspection, you'll see the background fabric is a koi print.
This one and more is available - just go to Marty's Fiber Musings.

Remember to hold on to and enjoy the moment you are in.


  1. Thanks Judy....each time I see them, they continue to give me joy.


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