Quilts and Purses and Potholders

This really has been a productive week, but I don't have much evidence to prove it!

Just Believe

I still don't have the grommets put into these pot holders

But I did get the tulle and organza and dupioni silk purchased and this delightful little chartreuse pin made and attached to my knit purse. Now, bring on the winter season. My bag is adorned and packed!!

I did make another one - available for sale. These pins are just perfect for a purse, suit or sweater lapel. The silk and organza fabrics are so beautiful to touch and are just the right weight so this pin won't pull on your garment. I'm in love.

And the (almost) next to the last saga on "Geese in the Forest" - The 28 Sapling blocks are almost complete.

AND I have the first 10-block row of the quilt sewn together and hung on my (too small) design wall. Heck no....I'm not complaining....I'm too happy to have one.

How does that song go....90 blocks of geese on the wall, 90 blocks of geese, take one down, sew one on, 89 blocks of geese on the wall.


  1. Now you KNOW I am going to have that song stuck in my head for the rest of the day!! Guess I'll need to turn the radio up extra loud today to kick "90 Geese On the Wall" out of my brain.

    Love the pins... really classy looking!


  2. Sorry, Kat....I couldn't resist. The song just fit the feelings of the moment. AND...I'm already down to 82!! Getting pretty giddy by now.

  3. Wow the potholders are nice! Great colors. And the bag looks really good with the flower on it:)
    Found your blog after you left a comment on my blog, thank you for the kind words!

  4. Thanks.....I'm getting to travel the world in blog land, making new friends as I go.


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