New Quilt Top

I love it when I get so energized to start a new quilt top. Twiddle Tails started the "Geese in the Forest" block of the month and I downloaded most of the patterns. I had already missed the first two before I found Twiddle Tails so I drafted my own blocks to fill in. Now have 29 of these little paper pieced beauties completed. I've already 'done the math' only 71 to go.

Block 1 - Goose Bumps - Make 6

Block 4 -In Formation - make 13

Block 3 - Triple Tree - make 10

It will have the scrappy look but will be predominately aqua and orange. Aqua and orange - now that's a good thing!


  1. Looks great! And such a beautiful colours; aqua and orange:-)

  2. Thanks, Gunnel, so far I'm loving this combination.

  3. So THIS is the "tedius" project you mentioned on my blog... LOVE it! I can't wait to see how all those different geese blocks will go together.

  4. Yes, Kat, but it may be a while. There are 28 of the next block!! What was I thinking??


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