Red and White Quilt

I still get giddy when I see my name in print - especially when it's a mention from a fellow blogger. I was just rambling around in blog land when I stumpled upon Judy's comment.

Okay, so now my head is too big for my body. Better go for breakfast and see if I can fatten the rest of me up a bit. Not a hard thing to do!!

Here are finished views of my red and white quilt.

Since my math calculations aren't always accurate, I had to make a few extra blocks to stretch the backing fabric to fit the front!! I really like this look, so I probably won't hire a tutor to help me with my math homework....


  1. Oh this is really pretty. Great job. Math was NOT my best subject.

  2. Thanks, Chris. Fun to use my red scraps and I've fallen in love with white all over again.

  3. Beautiful...who needs math anyway! It was never one of my favorite subjects either. Come to think of's still not. Red and white is though. You've outdone yourself again, Marty. I'm so glad my DH is watching a movie I don't care to sit through...that gave me time to catch up with my favorite blogs. oxo


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