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It's Friday the 13th...get over the FEAR!

What am I afraid of? That I won't sell one of my projects! I ask myself - what if I don't sell anything today, will this hurt me? A loud "NO" was the response (in my head, of course). What's another fear? That the creative part of me will be stifled today. But, again, will this hurt me. Again, "NO". Now, I'm over the fear. So, I continue sewing for pure pleasure. It's all about me today.

But first I checked out Terry Ann's featured designer on her Cross Country Christmas Quilt Designer Blog Hop. Terry Ann is one prolific designer and publisher. If you need inspiration, here it is - Atkinson Designs.

Terry Ann's Friday the 13th featured designer, Heather Mulder Peterson, is also one prolific designer and publisher. Trends and Traditions - the name of her shop and her logo - where trendy meets traditional quilting -got my attention. Once there, you must go to her inspiration pages she calls Anka's Treasures.

Hope all this inspiration gets your creative juices flowing. Loose the fear and remember, there are no creative mistakes!

Hugs - Marty

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