To Catch a Raccoon

You must first not catch a cat to catch a raccoon - When the raccoon trap is full of cat, there is no more room.

If you've kept up with my blog, you must know that we feed two abandoned cats. And, as you must know, when cat food is left outside for very long, rats and birds and squirrels AND raccoons are also fed. Oh, I'm sure we're feeding more critters than that, but I promise you, I don't want to know about any more. I hope they slip in between midnight and 4 a.m.

But, our raccoon population has grown over the years. So huMAN of the house went out to the local wildlife and fisheries compound and got the trap. And, big yellow cat was our first catch. He's not unhappy, so we now know that the trap works and that it is very humane and treats the animals as we want them to be treated.

Big yellow cat got ousted and trap set again (after adding more cat food). But this time, we caught little yellow cat! He's not unhappy either since "Cat that licks my toes" cat is keeping him company. Oh, by the way, we've shortened his name to simply "Toes Cat".....Thankfully, Toes Cat just comes to visit (and lick my toes). He has a home somewhere.

We are still hoping to catch a raccoon before baby birthing season is upon us again. Wish us luck! Or something!


  1. I think you need to get some Purina 'Coon Chow. (ha ha)

  2. Very funny Chris - you are no help at all!!


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