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Bless my heart! I haven't said hello to new friends in quite a while. Not because I haven't noticed - Yes I have and Yes, so glad you enjoy my site enough to let me know about you.

Today I was visited by Caroll way up in Western Michigan. She tells me that she retired from corporate America, but just couldn't retire from being busy. She teaches at The Attic Windows Quilt Shop. Now, when you click on the shop's blogspot, take a look at their full calendar. Lots of teachers, lots of classes. And, from the photo of the shop's teachers, I'd say they are all loving their job!

Oh, and what a blogspot Jackie has - gotta visit 2 Virgos Designs. And, we are practically neighbors here in Louisiana. Jackie says she loves making soap. So if you love those wonderful soap bars that you can't find at the super centers, just go see Jackie.

And, Samantha joined me on November 10. I don't know much about Samantha, except that she has a beautiful smile.

And so does Kim Hambric. I have followed Kim for some time now and continue to be amazed at her fabric selections and how she puts them all together then caps it all off with her personal stamped and quilted touch. Go'll want to follow too!

Thanks, Caroll, Jackie, Samantha and Kim for taking the time to visit with me. I am delighted to have you aboard.


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