Happy Houses - Quilted Bath Mats

I've been building houses - happy houses. A little more than a days work. One may wind up on your block. If it does, just rejoice because you have such a happy house neighborhood.

Actually all of these will be put to use as a bathmat. Several years ago I found a simple "how to" project that used hand towels and orphan quilt blocks, with the final product being a whimsical bath mat.

Here's the first one I made - Quilted and ready for wet little feet. It finished out at 15" x 23". I like to pre-wash my inexpensive towels since they shrink at different levels, depending on the cheap (or should I say quality) that you purchase. I wouldn't use Egyptian cotton!

These two blocks originally started out as pansy blocks to be put into a row quilt. I figured out in a huge hurry that I would never get 8 more of these made for a quilt. They lingered around for awhile. But, being the frugal person that I am, I just had to do something with this fabric. Much better for wet feet than a row quilt!

Keep your feet dry - it's the weekend already!

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