A Sunday Purse...I'll get there in a minute

But first, let's have breakfast

It's already 9 a.m. - It's Sunday morning - not a sleep in day here. Breakfast is down and done -

It's healthy, it's fast, and it's very good! I usually stand at the kitchen counter, catch up on the weather for the day or news or read about the locals in our daily paper. By the time I finish with each of the above, my breakfast is downed and the dishes are in the washer. Keep it clean!

Now, I can move on - found a great site for free patterns - Moda Fabrics Free Patterns - I love free. Well, we all know that a free pattern means we simply must make a purchase to get the benefit of the free pattern! Life is too short to worry about the little inconveniences in life - like money. Anyway, I really liked the Moda Basic Grey Figgy Pudding quilt pattern I found so it's now printed and ready to get the fabric as required. I probably have some I can use already in my fabric stash so hopefully the pocketbook damage won't be too hard.

Now, I can move on to the newest purse.

This is Collette. I ran the fabric through the printer three or four times to get the look I wanted, then did the raw edge stitching onto a fun fabric that would coordinate with the blue I used to make the purse. I love this Sunday purse.

Here's the start of another one. I was less than thrilled with the ink level in my printer, but rather than trash this image of Sachie Claudine, I decided to make her a garden nymph romping among the flowers. The garden green fabric makes the perfect backdrop for her flower play.

I'll update the finished look as soon as I can get her stitched up. These messenger style bags are just plain fun to make!

Glorious Sunday to you.....Marty

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