Fabric Art Card

Meet Molly.....

I was commissioned to make a thread painted fabric art card to be named Molly. Just finished this little darling and she will be delivered Thursday. Isn't she the sassy one? I've lost count of how many I've made, but I think she is about number 15 in my "Pretty Ladies in Smart Hats" series.

I'm hoping I can get some prints of her on fabric sheets tomorrow. I will enjoy putting her pretty face in an art quilt. Yes, I make 'em and sell the originals but always retain the right to reproduce their images and use in whichever way I choose. Kinda like when you buy land, you don't normally purchase the mineral rights!


  1. I rather like the pretty girls in hats, but I love your last sentence ............. I think I will quote that sometime during discussions about copyright!
    Judy B

  2. Absolutely beautiful. Inspirational!



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