Finished quit top with Alexander Henry Fabrics

I really like this look

And....Quizzie likes it too! No, it's neither 10 a.m. nor 10 p.m. The mantel clock's ticker stopped ticking last week.

This Alexander Henry "mona floral" and "alphonse stripe" provided the really busy, fun look I wanted. Should I name this one Mona or Alphonse? They both would be good names for the next animals that happen into my life. Don't you think...Anyway, this quilt top is DONE and ready to be quilted.


I lack for nothing to do around here! One comes off the design wall, another goes on! Here's the design wall now. Some pieces left over from another quilt that were pulling at my imaginative heart strings.

I think I'll add white....this bolt just arrived last week. Some fabrics just have to be purchased in quantity 'cause I get cold sweats when my white gets too low on my shelf!

Hugs for now - Marty


  1. I have that white-goodness in bolt right now and have not been any happier (not until I get the batting in bolt too which may have to while though)

  2. Oh, me too, have a bolt of batting. But, I'll have to wait on that. My lack of storage space just will not allow that huge a quantity. I love all your dyed fabrics. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Your quilt top is so cute!!!!!!!!

    Luv it, see ya


  4. I love the tops you made, it looks so good with the white fabric and the brights:-)
    Big hugs from Synnoeve.

  5. WONDERFUL! And that striped fabric is just PERFECT!! I'm thinking I need to start collecting good stripe fabrics to use for small borders and bindings.



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