Fabric of Choice

Simply superb stripes.....

A pink and purple and citrus collection that I couldn't live without.....

Oh, and Kaffe Fassett fabrics....yum, yum. We went to Kaffe's lecture and quilt display Wednesday night and I fell in love with his designs and fabrics all over again. Little did I know Kaffe is prounounced with a long "a".....I had been calling him coffee!

And single selections I found....when I got them home and sorted, I found that these four fabrics would be great together in a quilt even though they are all different designers. Love the little fishy fabric. Well, I also love the large floral and the orange with purple branch design. Okay.....love the little pink bright eyes that are made up with black mascara!

I'm not even a pink and purple person! Couldn't guess that by these fabric choices could you?

No, that's not all I found at Paducah, but I'm out of time this morning. Happy Tuesday and many hugs.....Marty


  1. My mother had a chair reupolstered in that top stripe on the left side. Daughter just got rid of the chair. Very old/nice reminder.
    Lovethese fabrics. Can't wait to see what you make with them.

  2. How pretty! Isn't it fun to line them all up and "play" with them to decide how to use them. :) It's so much fun to get new materials for our favorite projects.


  3. WE love KF's work, huh?
    What color ! ! !


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