Thread Painted Fabric Art Cards

And, the bad news....I don't have the originals anymore. They sold today. But the good news..... I retain the right to do anything I choose with the pictures of my original designs. Gladybelle and Eugenia - two thread sketched beauties (?)- now have a new happy home but I still have the reprints on fabric ready to be incorporated into a project. I love stitching them into purses and art quilts and journal covers.

More thread painted "Pretty Ladies in Smart Hats" are available at Marty's Fiber Musings.


  1. Congrats in both cases, Marty. Sold & reusable artwork ... they are quite different & very interesting.

    Have a wonderful week.
    TTFN ~Hugs in love, Marydon

  2. Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!! I love to hear other artists being successful this way. It's a nice way to be compensated for your hard work and wonderful talent. Nice to know you can continue to make the same or similar designs for more art in the future too. I like that we retain the copyright on our designs even when things sell.


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