Back from Paducah!

This is a super-sized shoo fly I made before the whirl wind tour from Louisiana up through Mississippi, Tennessee and winding up in Kentucky. Yes. My first major quilt show and it was a real treat. It was a last minute invitation for me to join two other friend quilters. Lucky for me - their third had to cancel so I packed my bags very quickly, counting my blessings while doing so.

Our accommodations were perfect...we rented a 3 bedroom house for the visit. So nice to have the peace and quiet and privacy at the end of each day. We found wonderful restaurants each night. The weather was perfect the entire trip. Blue skies and shirt sleeve temperature. But even with all this perfection, I can assure you home looks good. Oh, and to sleep in my own bed tonight!

Have I mentioned that I bought enough fabric and patterns and schotsky to last me 'til next year! Pictures will follow.....and more about the super-sized shoo fly to follow on a less tired day!


  1. Ohhhhhh Marty! I can't wait to hear all about it, and please share with those of us who never get to attend such events all the fun stuff you bought!!!! : D

    ~ Ronda

  2. glad you had such a good time. Did you take lots of photos?
    Nice work you did too.

  3. Hi Marty,

    I look forward to photos, too. There are some wonderful places in Berea, Kentucky, too. We go through there between Cincinnati and Miami and stopped at the museum on I75 one time. I needed a couple of weeks there, but only had about an hour. We will enjoy hearing more about your trip. :)


  4. What a teaser.... you KNOW we are sitting on the edges of our chairs waiting for pics of what you bought!! Glad you had a great trip... there is nothing quite like one of the large shows... the SHOPPING!! (And the absolutely gorgeous quilts are great, too.)



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