I Spy - Bird Houses!!

Click to enlarge each picture for best results....then click again for better results!

Do you covet the stuff of others? Well, I often do. Friend Dorothy has birdhouses and I wanted them. But they were hers and she would not part with them. She did share the paper-piecing-pattern.....now I have my own bird houses. I'll add a little tiny purple or pink border around each. Then I'll come back with some bright sashing around each house....then perhaps I'll find some raging black and white stripe to complete the picture. Oh, yes, I have to applique on the little round entry hole so the little tweeters can get in. I'll probably do each one in bright colors. It's still a WIP...so I reserve the right to audition lots of fabric 'til this quilt is complete!


  1. What a happy set of bird houses. I am sure all birds will be equally happy renting one.

  2. Oh, we love bird houses, too! My honey makes tiny wood ones that we use to decorate the Christmas tree and other decorations year round. In fact, I featured them on my blog a few weeks ago.

    Your quilt will be gorgeous. I look forward to seeing the progress and the finished product.



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