A Giant Camera Leap

I'm growing up....I got a new camera. Graduated from my Kodak EasyShare to a Canon PowerShot. That's a giant step for me....HuMan does a lot of my photography with his big daddy Canon but I'll probably never grow that much...too many lens....too much weight to drag around. I figure I have enough weight on my on without adding more with a camera! Yes, I weighed in this morning and it was not a pretty picture. Can anyone tell me how much a cup of coffee weighs...I need to subtract that much poundage!

Now I'm off to do some sewing. May even get more pictures.

Hugs one and all!


  1. Enjoy all of your photography and looking forward to more. I am in the market for a better camera. Would you highly recommend your new Power Shot? Like you I want something light, easy to use but takes wonderful pictures, regardless of the person taking the pictures, if you get my drift :)

  2. Congrats on the new camera. What is it about it that made it better than the camera you already had?
    What features do you like best?

    I wish I could come to your house and watch and learn how you layer your photos...they have a mystical look to them.

    Happy sewing.

  3. Love my new camera so much more than I ever thought I would. I am not a patient person and hate having to get bogged down with detailed training so it has to be quick and easy and the Canon PowerShot is....has mucho zoom built in...can even get the super macro shots....like a bee on a flower. Has the image stabilizer (love it). This helps keep from blur in photos w/o having to use a tripod.
    It's size and weight is very manageable.

    Oh, Lynn....a visit would be wonderful. Our blogs bring us together across the miles only up to a limit don't they!

    Hugs to both you and Mary and happy shopping Mary...you can't go wrong with one of these cameras.


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