Time for a Change

I was in a meeting last night....each person there was asked to give a review of a recent event the club hosted. As we went around the room and each committee member gave their review, here are some responses I heard:

"if they don't like the way it's done, they can do it themselves"

"if they aren't willing to help, then they can't complain"

"we can't do it that way"

"we aren't going to change the way that's done"

"who dared to say that"

"their product doesn't fit the niche, why would they expect to make a sale"

"if the vendors don't like the booth fee, they don't have to come"

As the meeting was drawing to a close, I made the comment that the attitude coming out of this committee was not presenting a good image to the members of the club or to the vendors who paid to participate in the event and that the attitude was not the attitude of every member of this committee. Boy, was I lombasted. They really didn't want my opinion. What came back at me was that I had a bad attitude.

Ya know...I accept that I have an attitude, but I'm not sure it's bad! My attitude is that when one or two folks control, the entire group suffers. My attitude is just because it's been done a certain way for 10 years doesn't make it the best way! As a matter of fact, it's my attitude that because it's been done that way for so long, it's definitely time for the process to be re-thought! My attitude is if you're not willing to upgrade or make changes or admit something isn't working, then it's time to back off.

What if I had resisted change in the way my music comes at me! I'd still be back trying to listen to Guy Lombardo on an old scratched up LP. Or Elvis on a 45...or Steely Dan on an 8-track. Right now I'm enjoying listening to Heart and Bette Midler and Sting and Bob Marley on a CD. But that too will probably soon change!

Oh, yes, I know I'm a relative newbie to this group and my opinions don't count. I know the ones who have run the show for the past 10 years will continue to run things. Or at least that's what I heard last night. It's no wonder other members don't want to volunteer to fill some of the jobs....who needs this! I got really bored listening to the ones in control toot their horn about how important they are and what a great job they do.

But, I'll continue to be a part of the club. I'll continue to express my opinion and hope that some changes are made that will benefit the whole. It's a great group of folks. I guess someone has to be in control! Thank goodness it's not me! But since I get in there and do some of the work and continue to volunteer, I think that means I have a right to express my opinion when asked. (or even when not asked)

It's time for a change - of clothes, that is. I've got to get out of these pajamas and into exercise attire. Later.....


  1. Amen! Working with volunteers is so different than working in a paid working environment.


  2. Dear Marty,

    Not changing is the easy route. There is a quote (and I have no idea where it comes from) something to the effect that "A person will not change until the pain of remaining where you are is greater than the pain of changing."

    Good luck and keep expressing your opinions! Nothing worse than a "brainstorm" session where everyone has the same ideas... New ideas are often shot down until those "in charge" have time to mull them over. They really NEED you different perspective on things.


  3. Thanks for your encouraging words. I needed that!

  4. OMG...you are talking about a certain quilt guild I belong to. I swear....word for word...that same attitude! It's so frustrating, and yet you're right. All you can do is keep attending and volunteering and hope that someday someone listens. And, just for the record...I LOVE this quilt guild! lol

  5. Marty,

    I have been on that committee a few times, most have not been quilt related committees thankfully. I miss the involvment, but not the battle, and not prepared to rejoin the fight again in a new town. Not in the near future anyway.

    Judy B

  6. I hope this was not a quilting meeting........even if it was.....I would not be surprised.

    Everyone has an opinion.....

    See ya, Karla


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