Weeds are Pretty Too!

We had a few below freezing nights this past (thank goodness) winter and I forgot to protect my split leaf philodendron. And this is the thanks I got from it.....a bunch of dead roots. And it was a good plant....lasted for several years and was lush and green with huge split leaves.

I loved cutting a single leaf or two and sticking them in a tall vase. Woe is me....but I'll let bygones be bygones! And go purchase a new plant to enhance the back garden.

When folks around here speak of native plants or wild plants...that usually means invasive plants. Such is the case with this "wild strawberry". But just before I pulled it up by the roots, I got this snapshot as a reminder that weeds are beautiful! But I still don't want them in my flower beds!

Oh and allium or garlic or chive or onion.....pretty little flower and interesting pod at the end of the season. I've tried putting it in pots to keep in check to no avail. So, while I don't totally rid my beds of alliums, I have an allium reduction day each spring (and summer and fall)!

And here is my pot of allium revisited in photoshop. I promise it's the same picture....slightly altered wouldn't you say!


  1. I like your MASH poster framed! This was my mother's favorite TV show when she was alive. I enjoyed it too.

    Sorry for the loss of your beloved plant. The dead roots made an interesting photo.

    Happy weedy holiday! lol

    My word is "messmi" sort of like a messi garden? fun.

  2. Hi Lynn....the poster came with the marriage. I think that's why I love him so...he has interesting posters! And he vacumms too!

  3. I like your dogwood bud! Just got back from my sister's in N. C. and always wanted a photo of the dogwood bloom but never thought of taking a photo from the side!

  4. I love that MASH poster too --

    I also have garlic chives in my front garden -- they will take over if I don't pull them up every spring and fall. They are good to eat, you know, -- omelets, soup, stir fries, etc.

  5. I think I have that chive thing in my garden, too. But, it is a small clump and doesn't really spread. Maybe it is our Northeast winters that keep it in check?

    Anyway, weeds are really just wildflowers, right? (Except for the pinchy ones)


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