Traditional and/or Modern Quilts

I contradict myself so frequently....I wonder what's the truth!

Case in point: I recently heard myself say that I was not a big fan of Kaffe Fassett fabric. So, why on earth would I bring all this wonderful kf fabric home with me?? Blast and Blast....I need more kf fabric....this one will not be complete without an outer border added.

Quilt photo edited in Photoshop. This alteration was quick and easy....added the multiply blend then the linear burn blend to give me the look I wanted.

Just about the time I think I'm tired of doing large traditional quilts.....I find myself doing large traditional quilts! However!!! Doesn't this look great as a table spread? It's not even finished and I've already named it "Spring Green." It's almost ready for a spring picnic.

I was gifted a jelly roll of Moda fabric, then found other Moda's on sale. I love the soft blended look. This pattern is one found in Sharon Yenter's Floral Bouquet Quilts.

Still have borders to add. I think this floral will make a great outer border. But, blast my fabric stash.....I could not find just the right green for a small inner border so I'll have to visit my favorite quilt shop tomorrow....Oh my!

Choices! So many choices - who can loose?

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  1. I too have miixed feeling about some of KFs prints, one there own some are too much but together they can be stunning, just like your quilt.

    And I love the spring green top, it looks fab as a tablecloth.


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