And I doodle and swirl

gentle whispering hues. DJ Pettitt has the softest touch with her photography and photoshop play. Even the name of her blog has the softest touch to it. She inspires me! Here's a start....nothing compared to her eloquence, but I'll keep tutoring myself.

With my own Geico - oops! - I mean gecko - I can doodle and swirl to my hearts content.....She posed beautifully for me yesterday. Gotta love her blue eye shadow. I could take lessons from her on how to apply!

Here's looking at you babe.....

And still had time to sew. Made huge progress on my bordered diamond quilt. It's become too big for my design wall. I had to vaccum the sewing room floor (horrors) so I could spread it out to audition the rest of the diamonds. Only 13 more to put on. Then I'll have to add the outside filler triangles and corners. Baby steps.


  1. Pretty flowers and swirls. How does your sweet gecko get along with your kitties? It seems it could be a portion of a food chain!

  2. This quilt is awesome. So careful are you to not match exactly any two fabrics...wondering what the little tags say on some. I even like your floor!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the gecko made me smile!

    lovely all!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Lois....the little lizards keep a wary eye out for the outdoor cats! They are a real meance tothe little creatures in my garden.

    Hi Lynn..thanks, I like the brick floor easy to keep clean.
    The little tags are my numbering system.....I first laid all the diamonds out in the order I wanted, then had to number all 60 of them to keep myself straight until I got them sewed together.

  4. Is this with your Wacom? Really terrific doodling on lovely photos.


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