Sunday Love

He's still asleep.....
He's awake now.....
This is the view of our bedroom door from the patio. I can also see the door from my sewing room so if I happen to glance out and see the shade pulled, I know he is awake!

He's waterproof (not).....

Love is a Sunday morning.....Marty

PS - we haven't needed the chiminea for a few months now but it is nice to fire it up and sit on the patio in cooler weather.


  1. I love it. :) I especially love the waterproof image.

    Speaking of being awake and asleep: when I hear snoring I say I know where My Honey is and what he is doing. I am sure he can say the same, I'm just not awake to hear him. ;)


  2. What a pretty place you live in!
    Do love that huge sun/rain umbrella! Barbequed bacon for breakfast?
    Happy Sunday! Have a blessed day.


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