I only have a minute.....

this morning to do a quick post -

I am webmaster over at North Louisiana Quilt Guild so worked on putting some fun stuff on that blog this morning.

Here's a sneak peak, but you'll have to go over there to see the rest of the story!

It's all The Silly BooDilly's fault - Happy Wednesday - I'll be right back!


  1. Thanks for posting this link! I SOOO miss you all, and have a hard time keeping up with things since I was booted, umm I mean PURGED from the email list. I understand... rules are rules. Thanks for getting me "back in the loop" with the guild blog.


  2. Oh, Kathy, thanks for letting me know. I hope to really get a meaningful blog going.

  3. I went, I liked what I saw! Fun stuff! Beautiful stuff.


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