When I run away from home.....

I want to run away in this.....
or this.....

I'm sure they are available to me for a price! Love Lane Caravans rents these little jewels out when the vacation begins! In Cornwall, the UK. Money can buy (or rent) whatever our heart desires. And, I could really desire this kind of vacation! No phones, no computers....just casual clothes and freedom to enjoy the scenery. I would feel as though I was spoon fed!


  1. Ahhhhh....wonderful! I'd happily retreat in one of these too : )

  2. The second one looks like a gypsy wagon. Wow, how fancy!

  3. Except the roads in Cornwall in the summer are chockablock with tourists so as soon as you tried to go anywhere it would be a nightmare!
    And the weather! Anything could happen!
    Give me luxury and conveniences any day! At least if it is wet and miserable you can curl up in front of the telly!
    I've done my roughing it holiday backpacking round eastern europe for a month years ago. Now its all about the beds and bathrooms and spa baby!

  4. I have to agree that it looks very appealing. I like the idea of squeezing a few necessary things into a small place and really living.

  5. How fun. I love the top one.


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