The Heat of the South.....

.....must be going to my head.

I may be delirious from the heat, but I know a vacation site when I see one. What a beauty this city/country inn is! It's in Sweden, but what? any of these beds would be comfortable tonight! I guess it's all the white. So clean, so cool.


  1. What with this heat, any place white, cool & comfy sounds good to me.

    Have a lovely week.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  2. Sweden and Norway (My Honey's birth country and where we had a home until 2001), especially inside the Arctic Circle, are lovely at this time of the year. Summer in the Midnight Sun is never "hot" the way we know "hot," but it is warm enough to play golf in the Midnight Sun.

    Beautiful images. :) It's nice to think such cool thoughts right now.

  3. Now that I fancy! Comfy and lovely to look at. I've only been to Malmo for half a day. Everyone has said how great the whole country is so it is on my wish list for a longer visit.


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