{echo} week 19 - blur

When life becomes a blur....just copy and paste. Or add a filter and grunge. Then join in the challenge presented by Susan and Chrysti's {echo} week 19....it's all about blur. Autumn and I paired up several weeks ago and joined in the fun. My oh My....we are right on top of this bi-weekly prompt.

Here's my blur.....

Serendipitously, I was snapping pictures of anything...or nothing...last week and failed to delete this one from my pictures. I decided since it was not worth saving, then it was not worth ruining....so I sat about trying different elements in photoshop to blur this one up to meet the challenge.

And here is Autumn's interpretation. I'm loving it!

Autumn will have to tell you how she manipulated her picture to perfection!

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  1. Hi Partner, this was fun. Until week 20 prompt - enjoy


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