A face only a mother could love!

I've been watching mother cardinal and knew it was just about time for the babes to fly! Kitty saw this one first and a ruckus mama made! You can imagine. But baby sat quietly through it all while I got these great shots. Isn't he the photogenic one!

Getting cuter with every shot.....No tail feathers to speak of (yet), but the eyes make up for that! I don't know if they are about to pop because of me or because mama bird is screaming so loudly! The racket was enough to scare any child.

Remember the other day I told you not to delete those pictures too quickly. To delete or crop? Now that's the question. Here's the original....but peeking way back in the corner is my little rusting bird cage. I took it from inside the house to outside into the garden a number of years ago and it now holds an English ivy that withstands the winter cold and the summer heat.

I decided it was worth a crop and save.....

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  1. That first photo would have a lot of good caption candidates for it! Very cute!


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