A cooking school....as if I needed lessons!

I'm good at down home southern style cooking.....the way grandma use to cook.  But when it comes to Vietnamese....well, I needed  a little help.   And Chef Laurie Nguyen, owner of dockside Bistro in Olympia, Washington, was just the perfect choice to give me a lesson.  The first course was Seared Scallops with Curried Sauce, Asian Slaw and Bamboo Rice.....now that's a mouth full (no pun intended). 

Ingredients we have to hunt down here
 in Louisiana!

 Laurie said I could call her and she would mail  the lemongrass!  She taught me how to make fish sauce....I have a bay tree in the herb garden and heavy cream in the refrigerator!

Chef Laurie Nguyen....such a delight.  So full of energy and cooking knowledge.  She went through some of the hard times in Vietnam and learned a lot of her culinary skills at a very young age while cooking for her family. 

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  1. I live in the South and can't cook a thing (unless tunafish counts). Cooking school doesn't sound like a bad idea!

  2. Hey Marty! Thanks for linking, not sure how but your post is linked through Mr. Linky too. Guess it worked. :) Have a great Monday!


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