Finished just in time

to drop off to a favorite long arm quilter yesterday:  Yay....another half-square triangle quilt off the design wall.   There were lessons learned in this quilt....first lesson, it's okay to use all different size HSTs in one quilt top.  Mine range from 1 1/2" up to 12".  Second's okay to use different fabrics within the sashing and border.  You see, it was raining outside...I had on my pajamas....I wanted to finish this quilt top, so I used a green from my stash until it was done with, then found another green in my stash and used it until it was done with....lesson three...let the amount of fabric you have on hand determine the size of your quilt...this one finished at 52" x 64". 

Just one more lesson:  When you don't have enough room in the sewing room for a a whole-wall design wall, just use the space that's available to this case, I had a wall less than 48" wide.  The design board extends beyond the window so I can't hang it....It just props on the floor and that's just fine with the kitties of the house.  It gives them a hidey-hole!  None of us are complaining.


  1. My favorite kind of quilt.

  2. This is beautiful Marty!

    Sending you wishes for a wonderful weekend!


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