What time is it?

I was so mad at Tom this morning.....

last thing he said to me last night was that he had already re-set the clocks by the bed....so I glanced over at my clock and it was 9:43 p.m. .  I'm thinking this sure is late for me to be going to bed.  Where has the time gone?   Yesterday was a busy day and I was tired.  But now, I'm feeling more  than tired....I am exhausted.   What time is it?  Really?

When I got  up in the middle of the night for my timely potty break, I decided my bladder must be holding more these days....just think, I slept an hour longer than usual.  Oh, NO.....what time is it?  Really?   

It was a restless sleep the remainder of what was left of the night and early morning.  When my eyes popped open for good, I thought it sure was late for me to be waking up.  My bedside clock said 7:30 a.m.  I usually get up way before then, normally around 6 or so.  What time is it?   Oh, Really?  
If he had never mentioned the time, I would have been able to go to bed at my ususal time, get up for my usual potty break at my usual time, wake up and out of bed at my usual time and not have been thinking of the time all night.  He was snoring soundly when  I woke him  to tell him not to EVER do that to me again!

What time is it?  Oh, really? 


  1. Ha! I know how you feel! And, to add even more fun for us here, we changed the time on Friday night since Saturday was a sea day. That made the last night on board and early debarkation much easier for the guests this morning. Am I confused? Uh, I have a couple of clocks here and I keep checking just to be sure what time it is. ;)

  2. Thank goodness the birds and animals continue to know the real time of day!

  3. Oh those husbands!!! They are sooooooo funny!! Just glad you didn't need to be in Court or something like that this morning!! LOL!! Kris


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