I versus We.....(oops) We versus I

I'm a happily married person....most of the time. I think he is too....most of the time. So why have I been giving the use of personal pronouns so much thought?  I heard it on the news:  my marriage would be more successful if I used We more.   My first thought....of course....was to question if this topic is newsworthy.  Continuing to think:   it's certainly a more enlightening topic than learning  how a teen porn star became a teen porn star!!

The news topic of discussion was that We instead of I made for a better relationship. Okay, I'm game. I started counting the ways I use I. First thought out of my mind....

1. I need a new pair of shoes. (WE certainly do not!)
2. I would enjoy breakfast in bed!
3. I love my cats (well, WE do too)
4. I can't stop misbehavin' (WE both love this one)
5. et cetera
6. and et cetera

Then I'm thinking when do I use WE?

1. Do WE need to go to the grocery?
2. WE need to empty the dishwasher.
3. WE need to get the car washed.
4. Did WE balance the checkbook this month?
5. Wouldn't it be wonderful if WE could get away from all this housekeeping?

In retrospect, I use WE quite frequently....You can see can't you that WE have a good relationship 'cause HE enjoys helping MOI keep a tidy house and doing the grocery shopping and not complaining about a slightly askew budget every month or so. I think the news topic was right on. Using personal pronoun I makes for a selfish, one sided relationship, whereas personal pronoun WE creates harmony and bliss. WE sure make a team!! Tongue in cheek! And another day begins in the Mason household.....


  1. We know that grocery shopping is an I and it is not Marty. Love the picture.


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