Portion Control aren't dirty words!

A picture is worth a thousand words....but I'll explain anyway! 

It all started several weeks ago.  I need to loose a few (more) pounds (again) so I decided I would join friends in their daily walk around.  We walk three miles each day.....and at a brisk pace.  However, I soon discovered that after a couple of times around I would have to stop to "wet" as my grandmother use to say.  This was beginning to be disruptive so I started having my coffee earlier which didn't help that much.....so I cut my intake down to two cups each morning....which didn't help that much either. 

So now what?  Okay, my original goal was to loose a few pounds.  While I haven't gained  in these three weeks, I haven't lost either.  In my heart, I know portion control would help, but PC is so hard for me to deal with....and I'm still experiencing the wetting problem mid-walk, so here's what I decided to do.....drink my two cups of coffee,  rinse my cup then use it for my cereal.  Cereal in a cup is less cereal than in a bowl which means I use less milk, which means  less 'wetting.'   So, there you have it:  Portion Control + Wetting Control = a happy walk around.  That's been working for two days now.   I'll let you know when my ten pounds are lost! 

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  1. Ah, yes, measuring. *sigh* That does make a difference, doesn't it.... :\


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