Yes, I was going to: However ~

I wasn't going to stay on the computer all morning.....I was going to sew!  I was going to finish this `Gray Matters'  Korean Pojagi inspired table runner.

and then I was going to start cutting and sewing on these fabrics that have been on the design wall for inspiration all week. 

I was also going to quilt the border on Mary's quilt:  the one she has dedicated to community service. 

I was really going to do all that.....until I found this leaf-stamped twill

on  Patchwork Pottery

and from there, I went to
when the bough breaks

then I fell into
Eva Ason's Art Corner and drooled over her classic car paintings. 

And why haven't I ever heard of
Society Six:  where I found and 

especially loved this stationery card by Shannonblue simply AIR ~

and how could I ever have missed following debbie - DebbieDoos?

I haven't procrastinated, I just haven't done all that I was going to do this morning.....Life is good on a Saturday morning.


  1. Oh just enjoying looking for inspiration in other places.

  2. so much beauty awfully attracted to the leaf stamped twill.

  3. It sounds like a really FUN Saturday morning. :)


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