On the Pojagi fast track:

Fast Track?  Now, I haven't used or heard that phrase in several years.  In the sense that it was used in my work-day surroundings, it was considered derogatory.

It was back in the good-ole-boy days when only the men who could bullshit laugh and talk their way to the top, got to the top of the corporate ladder.  But, then come to think of it, even the ones who couldn't do good BS still got to move on up.  You see, all men were put on the fast track to success.  Then came the minority bill of rights (included women)! so the men decided that if and when they could find a woman with just a little bit of smarts,  they would make their best attempt to get her on the fast track.  But that track was always a bit slower than the track one track over.  Equal opportunity was unheard of, so the man always got the job when it was a man or a woman choice.  Oh, and the things women had to tolerate on the way even to the lowest rung of success.  The first question in an interview for a job promotion went something like this:

HR:  "In what position do you see yourself in the next five years?"
Woman:  "I would like to become a mother.  I would also like to further my education to become a better employee for you."
HR:  "Thank you for your time....we'll get back to you." 
HR:  to self....remove her from promotable list.  She'll be pregnant for the next several years, sick and out of the office taking care of children.  Bad attitude with an attendance problem. Priorities are not in order.  More education....she won't have time time if she's taking care of all those kids. 

I won't even ruin my day by thinking about the women who got fired and the men who got promoted when caught in the act!  Or the vast inequity in raises and salaries between the sexes at the same job level. 
 But now (thankfully) those times have changed.  Haven't they? 

I'm no longer in that corporate cesspool, so I've put myself on the fast track today.....the pojagi fast track.  You see, I promised a group that I would do a program/demonstration in August.....and since I had just read an article about Korean pojagi, I told the group leader that I would demo.....you guessed it:  pojagi!  Now, I must learn the pojagi stitching technique.  I started out using the sewing machine first.  Here's just a little sampling.

Let's see, is this the front side? 

and is this the back side?  hmmmmmm!!

Coming soon, I'll do a little hand stitching....Korean Pojagi....I'm loving it.

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  1. I remember an HR guy asking me about 40 years ago, "And, when your children get sick, who will go home and take care of them?" I remember wanting to answer, "I'll give you a call and you can do it!" Duh!!!!


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