If you get a chance...when you get a chance

to take a fabric hand dyeing class from Wendy L. Starn AKA Splendiferous Fiber on Etsy, do so: 
Wendy is also a member of Contemporary Fiber Artists of Louisiana....see her art quilts, along with those of other Louisiana quilt artists, on display here.  

Me (I'm the one holding the camera), Dorothy, Hanna Marie, Lynette, Emma, Wendy and Mary took a fabric hand dye class with Wendy Starn.

a sip of goodness, but the best is yet to come

Wendy had a trunk full of her hand dyed silk scarves

My very own:  2 1/2 yards of hand dyed goodness

and a silk scarf dyed by self in the to-dye-for-colors of my choice:  Yellow-Orange-Fuchsia!


  1. How fun! The only problem is, it is HARD to cut into that fabric you have dyed/painted yourself. I am finally MAKING myself use some of it. Like, what good is it sitting on the shelf?? thanks for posting!

  2. I know what you mean Kathy....I still have some of the fabric that I dyed in the class you taught. It's just to scrump-fabric.ump.shus.

  3. They came out great!
    So glad everyone had a good time!


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