Catching Up With My Thoughts ~

Do you remember how folks once had conversations?  

My eyes popped open at the crack of dawn and my mind was racing.  It took me a few minutes to catch up with my thoughts.   I was thinking about how folks once talked to each other and the grapevine song popped into my head, then my thoughts went directly to my blog and viola....the morning topic of conversation began:  Fabric that I don't want to live without in shades of orange and green. 

Building a fabric stash with fabric you love - Marty Mason

Do you remember when gossip was once word of mouth - as in "I Heard It Through The Grapevine."

In the new age, it's  "I saw it on a Pinterest Board."  Instead of sharing our ideas verbally, we forward them in a message.   Not such a bad idea now is it.  Lost in translation is not a problem when sharing a picture or idea electronically. 

Solid Cherrywood Hand Dyes in my collection - Marty Mason

I did find a great idea for a quilt guild program this morning as I scanned my favorite of which is "A Quilting Life"  and saved that idea for future inspiration on
my Pinterest idea board.... Look out quilt guild, you'll hear about this one come next spring.  Yes, you'll have to wait 'til then.  You see,  I'm scheduled this year for a September program and I don't want you to get tired of seeing my smiling face. 

I think I'll title the September program "Be Careful Which Quilt Book You Buy!"  Why?  You may just want to make every quilt in the book. 




  1. There is absolutely no way I would either keep the idea to myself or remember said idea in a year. So, if you are concerned about either, email me and we'll chat about it (maybe even say something productive in my particular case) and you'll have a written record of your idea to go back to when you need it again.
    I'ma go pat myself [on the back] for bein' such a friend! (I must explain: this is a phrase I hear often from the teens in my classroom. They seem to think it's a complete sentence with sense. Notice I felt the need to clarify WHERE I'd be patting. Apparently, it's understood what kind of friend I am. Let's assume 'good' for now.)

  2. How do you keep your sanity? (grin) In the classroom setting, I mean. (grin) Enjoying your idea that I email you my thoughts and ideas.....I just might do that. In the event I send you a complete guild program idea (grin), feel free to use it in yours. (grin)

    BFF - Marty


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